The Right Way to Buy a Thesis: an Effective Guide for Students

The problem with buying a thesis, prewritten, is there’s no way to make the work original. Also,

  1. How will your teacher not know, by this point that you did not write the work in question
  2. How will you possibly know enough about the subject to pass your oral defense of your subject matter?
  3. How will you answer all the questions they will ask you about your thesis material?
  4. How will you possibly convince them this is your work and that you compiled all this research if called upon to do so when you won’t have any drafts, any compiled research, etcetera.
  5. Also, what will you do if you get caught? Cheat at this level—the thesis for the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree level, or doctoral level, and you are finished—they will expel you—no doubt, believe it. And then you will have lost all your tuition, your recommendations, and you will come to any other school pre labeled as a cheater.

Have you Considered Trying to Write Your Own Thesis

If more students would simply pick a topic they are excited about and interested in then they would find out that writing a thesis is no harder than writing a one page essay. A one page essay? You say—you must be kidding. But APA format allows any long essay to become nothing more than a series of mini essays—even shorter than one page. In fact, with the header system, you can break up the paper into sections much shorter than that.

What to Do if You Need to Buy a Thesis

If you cannot write your thesis then I advise you to get a freelancer who can acclimate their writing style to yours, discuss a possible topic with you, and research and write the thesis for you, from scratch, so there is no risk of the work being plagiarized.

My advice is to pick someone in your major area with lots of really good recommendations.

There are all kinds of academic dissertation writers for hire on the best freelancing sites. You could create an ad that specifically states what kind of subject matter you need specialization in – for example, “Must have knowledge of X computer programming,” or must have experience writing high level essays in Conflict management. Then only knowledgeable writers will apply!

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