Generating interesting accounting dissertation topics

Accounting is one of those subjects where it’s difficult to come up with interesting topics on it period. Business and or Finance as a whole? It’s a stretch to get interesting topics, but you can get topics out of those two with accounting being one of them. The important thing to note here is that you don’t come up with topics or try to work from a pre-written list of topics when it comes to your dissertation. We’ll cover the following:

The Nature of a Dissertation

Your dissertation is pretty much a detailed sum of your studies and research in your chosen field—in this case Business and Finance. Accounting will simply be the area where your dissertation will focus and where its importance will be situated. In that respect, you’ve already come up with your topic. You just need to narrow it down to a problem or observation about accounting.

Given that you’ve had roughly six or eight years of study in your field’s university, you should have an idea of what you’re going to focus on in accounting by this stage. There’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t have a plan to tackle your dissertation as a graduate. This is your most important essay and you just can’t search for a list of topics. This isn’t an argumentative essay or a general essay on X subject. You’ll have to focus on your field and find what’s important enough to you that you would put research into and give a report on your findings.

Developing the Dissertation

If you’ve actually gotten to the stage of writing your dissertation that means you’ve gotten past the proposal stage. Whatever it was you wrote about to get your accounting dissertation agreed to; write about it in your dissertation. Just use your proposal and expand upon it. Solve the problems presented in the proposal that you said your dissertation would address. Tell the reader about the conclusions you’ve reached on whatever during your research of the accounting field.

While accounting is plenty of complex rates, equations, numbers, and trends it’s not brain surgery or rocket science. Just look back on your many years of study, find something that interested you in the accounting area or finance field as a whole and centre everything on that.

Remember, everything can be summed up in a few questions. Once you have the questions or problems, your dissertation is supposed to solve them. It doesn’t matter if your solution is a success or a failure, the point is that you brought forth a thesis on the subject.

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