Writing History Dissertations - What Era To choose?

If you are working on a dissertation for an advanced degree in history, you have so many historical eras to choose from for the focus of your paper. Since students have been writing history dissertations for as long as they have been earning degrees in history, it is challenging to write something unique, so you might as well pick the era that you are the most interested in researching.

Choose an Era You Love

You will be spending a significant amount of time researching, organizing, and writing about the historical era that you choose, so choose an era that you want to know more about. Each era has its own topics that are worth investigating, but the challenge is bringing the investigative qualities to modern times. Before you commit to a topic, it is always a good idea to read other dissertations so you can see what previous students have done with their history degrees.

Challenge Yourself with a Stretch

While it might be easier to look at more modern eras like World War II or the Cold War, because the effect on our modern day is easy to see, it can be rewarding to make connections from eras that are farther removed. Why not look at the effects of the Elizabethan or Victorian era on the modern world? Or the effects of the Crusades or the Roman Empire? You could even research the way that history has repeated itself throughout time and focus on events from a variety of different issues. You could also look at more recent events in the Middle East and analyze the short term effects.

Visit Other Parts of the World

If you have a favorite era in a favorite part of the world, then you could look at other parts of the world during that same time. For example, if you feel like you have researched and written about the Elizabethan era too many times, why not look at what was happening in the the Middle East or Asia or South America during that same time. You will learn more about the world and write something fresh.

No matter what era you choose, take the time and effort to craft something wonderful. Your academic reputation is at stake when you submit your dissertation, so research well and craft a paper that you are proud to turn in for a grade.

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