Custom Dissertation Writing: What One Should Know about It

Today, students are so busy with work, school, and loading up on classes to try to graduate and be done with school so they can work and provide for their families, that they hardly have time to consider writing a very long, some 300 page book on “leadership in human resources management” or “strategic marketing and business today” or “considering new laws on shipping and receiving as a way of increasing global wealth.”

These long books are challenging, to say the least. I’m an English major and my dissertation was on an author and intertextuality—and I had to read not only the author’s books but every author he mentioned plus every article ever written on him—I had a library of research collected.

You Have to Pay Them Well

A freelancer for a dissertation, a good freelancer, is the way you want to go. But this will not be cheap. You’re basically paying them to write a project that the school will allow you two years or more to write—at a normal, semester-based university.

Think about how many words long the dissertation will be by taking how long one page is, times that by 250 words a page (to allow for double spacing) and then figure our how many pages long you want it. Times the pages long by the words and you have the word count for the entire page. Then give them at least five cents a word and you’ll see how much you need to pay them for the writing alone. They have to do all that research too—which will involve driving to different libraries, going to libraries to collect scholarly articles, and much long work.

In short, you need to pay these freelancers enough to make this project worthwhile to them. If they are good, they’ll have a lot of assignments they are working on at the same time.

Try Searching for Freelancers Through Respected Freelance Agencies

If you post your ad for a freelancer that specifies exactly what your topic, there will be a freelancer that has majored in your same area and one who probably understands the project you are working on. So fully describe the scope of the dissertation, what you envision your title to be, and what kind of research you’ll need collected. That way, someone will respond that really knows about the project and the words will flow easier.

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