Does Everyone Have To Write A Thesis In College: A Guide For Students

College homework and writing assignments can be a drag for students. After hours of time spent in class, students still need to go home and work on their assignments. One of the most common writing assignments is the thesis paper. In this style of writing, the student is expected to create an argument and use solid research to back up their claim.

Does Everyone Need to Write a Thesis?

In general, most colleges require general education classes in subjects like English and mathematics. Due to this, most students will have to take an English class at some point during their academic career. In every basic English class, the student will be expected to write a thesis paper. Other than general education classes, students may also need to write a thesis in order to graduate. Many degree programs expect students to create 20 to 30 pages of writing about a specific thesis. In order to graduate, these students will have to turn in a completed essay.

What Is the Point?

Although it may seem useless at the time, writing is an excellent way to learn new things. Students only really learn information by demonstrating it or teaching it. By having to write out their knowledge, the student is actually solidifying all of their learning within their mind. In addition, writing essays is one of the best ways to learn how to construct an argument. Students must be able to make their case and use strong evidence to back up their claim. This talent can be used throughout their lives, and is easily applicable to many jobs.

Other than learning new information and building an argument, writing a thesis paper is a great way for the student to learn how to write better. Many jobs require writing. At the very least, students will one day have to send e-mails to other people in their workplace. By learning how to write well now, students are able to prepare for the future. No one wants to seem uneducated, so this is the best way to appear knowledgeable and intelligent in the workplace.

Look Up Examples

Students who are unfamiliar with academic writing do not have to figure everything out on their own. There are many different examples available online that can help. Students can use these examples as a guide, or they can borrow some of the sources in them. By doing this, students can quickly and easily learn what to do for their college classes.

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