5 best dissertation proposal topics

The dissertation proposal: while not as doom and gloom as some believe, it can hinder you from advancing your research and actually getting things done. By “things” we mean you actually joining the field as a learned expert of whatever it is your dissertation is about among other things in your field of study.

Topics When it Comes to Dissertation Proposals

You don’t need to come up with topics for your dissertation proposal for several reasons. The main one is that a dissertation proposal isn’t even an essay. It’s just a request so that you can do your essay. You’re asking for a building permit so that you can actually start work on whatever it is you’re looking to build. Essentially, you’re jumping through hoops so that you can get to the flaming hoop and have a shot at becoming an expert in the field…and honestly, it’s that with the early stages of college/university are? Jumping through unnecessary hoops so that you can actually start work in your field of study?

Of course it is. Anyways, back to topics. The best way to come up with something to pitch in your proposal is just to look at your field of study and see what problems exist. If you’re in social work, look at problems families face in the inner city and why it’s difficult to get assistance. Your field of study is honestly the best thing to look at if you need material to focus on and research.

The Proposal Itself

The proposal shouldn’t be your dissertation and it shouldn’t be an essay period. Don’t write it as either and don’t make it as long as one. Instead you want approach this as a pitch. In the same way a screen writer tries to sell a script to Hollywood producers, you want to sell whatever your dissertation will be about. Present the problems and possible solutions your dissertation is expected to tackle without giving away the specifics. Give the reader just enough so that they’ll want to read the dissertation. Let them know why it is important that they agree to this dissertation.

If you fail, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take another look at your dissertation idea, it simply means you need to be a better pitch person. The reader—your professor—might actually like the idea of your dissertation and want to read it, but you were simply a lousy hype person for it.

To sum all of this up, you’re not looking for “five hot topics” or a quick fix/shortcut to writing the proposal, you should be focusing on what the dissertation will be about and how to get to that stage so that you can write it.

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