What Is A Master's Dissertation: The Complete Tutorial

A Master’s dissertation is a crucial part of a post graduate degree, so it’s important to know what it is and what it entails. Spend some time reading this comprehensive tutorial about what a Master’s dissertation actually is, and how to write your own.

What is a Master’s dissertation?

A Master’s dissertation is a formal paper that documents a student’s research, and the student presents it in order to obtain an academic degree of some sort. This means that, in order to get your degree, you need to conduct some research, document it in a thesis, submit this thesis, and obtain a passing grade.

How do your write a Master’s dissertation?

Writing a thesis requires quite a lot of careful planning, and lots of hard work. But, if you do it correctly your hard work will pay off in the end, and you’ll get an outstanding grade for your thesis. So, if you’d like to go about writing your thesis in the right way, follow the steps below:

  1. Learn all about your university’s rules and guidelines for writing a thesis before you start your own, to avoid doing it incorrectly
  2. Choose a suitable research topic that has personal meaning for you, or that at least interests you somewhat
  3. Select an advisor who you trust and get along well with, so that they can guide you and challenge you to do your best work
  4. Conduct a good literature review to find out what research still needs to be done in your field of study so that you avoid replicating existing research for your thesis
  5. Write your research hypothesis or research questions very clearly, and make sure they’re actually testable
  6. Spend some time thinking about the implications of any assumptions or biases you may have, and try to make mitigate them if possible
  7. Design and plan your research study, paying careful attention to the time you allocate to conducting the actual research
  8. Conduct your research study according to the plan you created in the previous step
  9. Write up your findings clearly, making sure you include any findings that contradict your expectations

After thoroughly studying this tutorial, you should have a much better idea of what a Master’s dissertation actually is, and how to write one. Now you can use your newfound knowledge write your own excellent thesis.

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