English Dissertation Ideas to Work With

Inventing a dissertation idea is more than half the battle when you’re facing such a cataclysmic writing assignment. Instead of panicking, ensure your success by building from the same fundamental ideas that every successful dissertation writer is known to use. The beauty is in their simplicity; by employing some of the following ideas, you’ll be able to craft a unique, relevant and intriguing English dissertation that will resound for years to come. So check out these helpful ideas, and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with your dissertation!

Corner a hot topic

Everyone loves a dissertation with a relevant point. You can droll on about the poetic rhythms of different authors, but you’ll probably end up boring your audience. There are many topics in English literature still vastly relevant and intriguing today – poverty, inequality, women’s rights, even war. Address how perceptions, depictions and attitudes towards these sensitive topics have changed in English literature, or how particular literary pieces speak on such subjects. For added spice, use a recent piece of literature.

Interpret in light of a philosophy or idea

Animal Farm has always been an allegory for the Russian Revolution, but what other allegories and philosophical points lay waiting in hearty English literature? Evaluate some of significant literature in light of a theme, philosophy, social systems or governmental systems. You may find that your favorite piece of literature is an allegory for socialism or transcendentalism.

Find something unique

Discover something unique and interesting about the evolution or specificities of English literature or English language. By doing this, you’ll quickly have you audience hooked. For example, most individuals hold that novel-writing did not truly emerge until the mid 18th century. Is there any evidence that novel-writing predates this? Could you argue that some classical literature could be considered ‘novel-esque?’ Push the envelope, discover new classics and make your mark by addressing a unique, out-of-the-box English literary concept.

Oppose an establish theory

Nothing gets English nuts more in a whirl than a headstrong writer ready to fight their assumptions! For years (even decades) there have been accepted interpretations of many controversial novels, classics, poems and other works. You can add to that controversy and invent and enlightened dissertation by finding evidence to oppose accepted views. Perhaps you have an interpretation of Catcher in the Rye or Ulysses that would startle the literary world. As long as you can back it up, go for it!

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