PhD Thesis Hints: Writing an Abstract

Are you lost and don’t know where to turn for information to help you write an abstract for your PhD thesis? Students assigned to write a thesis abstract usually share this common problem. Thesis creation is never easy, and knowing how important it is for a good grade doesn’t make things any easier.

Abstract Writing Hints

Luckily there is help available and a number of resources for you to turn to for hints, tips, tricks and advice when writing your thesis abstract. If you want to get that good grade you must fully comprehend the project at hand. This means utilizing the resources for help that is available to you.

Where to Turn for Tips

There are many sources of tips that you can utilize. This includes:

Bonus Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your abstract.

  1. Short and simple is best for your paper. It should be 2 pages or less in length.
  2. Your thesis should contain only factual information, with citations and sources to back up the information that has been provided. Include the problem, the treatment and the resolution that was found in the thesis paper.
  3. Understand the process of writing the thesis before you begin. Identify what your professor wants to learn and gather out of your information. This will make the paper much easier to write and it will also help you stand out among the other papers.
  4. State your factors in the thesis. Be straight to the point and highlight all the strong points of your argument. Remember that you are limited on space, with a two page maximum, so use that space wisely.

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