How To Write A PhD Thesis: Structuring Your Project

Structure before writing, during the writing process and after writing determines how well the thesis performs. When writing a paper, the process of writing can be tedious and repetitive. The following guide to writing a thesis should therefore be taken as a flexible guide, depending on the situation, topic, and scope of the paper.

Choosing topic

The first step in writing is deciding what to write about. Sometimes the topic is set but in other instances the writer has to choose for themselves what to write about. Choosing the right topic is all about striking the perfect balance between the topic that interests the writer and the interests of the intended audience. If the writer is unsure of what to do, they should consult their instructor for guidance.

Finding sources

Resources provide the information and evidence that the writer uses to strengthen their points. There are several types of sources that a writer can use to get information. These are secondary sources, primary sources, library catalogues, online journals, eBooks and articles. The writer should make sure that they have sources that are acceptable and reputable. After finding the sources they should group them according to the level of importance and the information they provide. This helps in arranging their thoughts in a logical manner.

Actual writing

Before delving into the actual writing, they should consider the scope of the topic and what they aim to achieve in their paper. They should also consider the thesis statement and whether the information they have gathered is relevant to the questions it poses. They should also consider which plan or organization best suits their paper.

After choosing the structure, in the introduction they should

In the body, they should

In the conclusion

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