10 Fresh Ideas For Choosing A Marketing Dissertation Topic

The secret to finding some of the best marketing dissertation topics lies in making sure that you carry out some really good research. This is the only way you can be able to handle a really good paper. Always remember that some of the teachers have been in this industry for a very long time, and because of this reason they have a high affinity towards knowing whether or not you did some research on your paper. If you ever really want to pass not just with the dissertation but with any other paper that you will have to write in the course of your studies, the most important thing that you have to do therefore is to do some really good research.

The following are some useful ideas that you can have for your topic. Remember that if you cannot use any of them, or if you want to come up with your own, you can also follow the structure and come up with a good topic too.

  1. Explain the reasons behind the success of loyal card schemes for major retail brands
  2. Discuss the barriers to customers in the airline industry
  3. Can Amazon succeed with charging premium prices over rivals?
  4. Explain relational marketing in the current market
  5. Discuss customer loyalty with a view to product quality
  6. Effect of luxury goods on consumers’ ability to switch preferences
  7. Explain how retailers can cope with customers’ polygamous traits
  8. Effect on online retailing on traditional street stores
  9. How to improve diversity in online stores
  10. Impact of product availability on branding image

One of the basic missteps that individuals confer in research paper writing is to spend very little time on the paper and research. You cannot just wake up and have a good paper written, it takes some time. So you really have to be prepared for it. You must be willing to carry out as much research into the paper as possible if you are to pass.

Essentially for a marketing paper, your facts and figures need to support any claims that you have, considering that tastes and preferences change from different consumers over time. On the same note however, always make sure that whatever evidence you are using for your paper is supported with relevant resources. Do not use outdated information on your paper.

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