Where To Look For Sample Dissertation Questionnaire Templates

It may seem like a very simple task when you are developing a questionnaire for your dissertation and all you need to do is come up with a list of questions. But, did you know that just like the dissertation write-up itself, there are specific requirements you must keep in mind about formatting?

Here are just a few things that your dissertation board may require to be in a specific format for the questionnaire:

So rather than leaving the formatting up to chance, consider doing a little investigative work and finding out if there are formatting requirements for the paper questionnaire that you will provide.

School department information

When a university department requires a specific format they will typically have a document available specifying all key information for formatting. If you inquire at the department office or look in the department resources online you will most likely be able to find the required formatting that you should use. If a template or requirements are not provided then ask one of the department heads or one of the members of your dissertation penal for their help on formatting requirements.

Previous students

Another option for learning what format to use for a dissertation questionnaire is to discuss what past students utilized. These students have already made it through their panel and were hopefully successful and will be able to provide input on what is required for formatting. They will know what formatting was requested and even if there were specific requests by the members on your panel.

Online sample questionnaires

If both of the first two options fall short then the next option is to search the internet. Internet searches can be done on questionnaire formats or even for your specific department requirements since so many people like to share their experiences. You are sure to find multiple suggestions online that you can utilize for your dissertation questionnaire formatting.

When you get to the point in your dissertation process where you are developing your questionnaire; you want to ensure that everything is done correctly and meets the standards of your panel. With a little investigative work you can find out if a specific format is required by your department, the panel or if any format that you choose to use is acceptable so that you are prepared entering your paper.

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