Writing a Good Dissertation: Perfect your Bibliography

Writing a good dissertation is going to take all of the talent and skill that you have accumulated over your academic career. This will be a research process like none that you have ever undergone before and in the end what you create will add value to the subject and the world. This is the most important academic achievement that you will make to this point in your life. It is important that you understand the process and can follow it from the beginning to the end. One of the most important parts of the process is being able to create a bibliography and with a little practice you will be able to produce a perfect bibliography that will be the exclamation point on an excellent dissertation.

Start with Planning

The majority of the dissertation is going to be spent performing research in many different sources. The bibliography in its essence is simply a record of where this path of research has taken you. Each twist and turn in the research process will be documented through your bibliography so that all of your conclusions have a basis in truth. It all begins by planning a route through the research process. Much like a roadmap provides a path to follow on the highway, the plan of research will allow you to travel through the many documents, websites, and books that are going to have to be explored to gather the information to support your dissertation thesis. Without a clear plan there is the potential for a lot of wasted time.

Keep Clear Records

As you read and take notes, you have to keep a clear record that will allow you to quickly and clearly reference back to the information that you are using to prove your point. There are going to be hours upon hours of compiling data and the sources of that information might have to be reexamined at any moment. So whenever you find information that is pertinent, keep a record of all the information from the source so that it can be included in your bibliography if the facts accumulated are referenced in your dissertation. The best place to keep this record in on the outline that you should be keeping as you create throughout the process of writing. The outline should be a working document that is manipulated easily and often as more information is gathered and placed on the outline.

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