How to Properly Conduct a Research for Your Dissertation


A dissertation is an academic based task assigned to you by the college. In this task you are asked to think of a topic, research about it and finally submit a paper regarding your research. Here is a list of things you have to do while creating a proper dissertation research paper.

  1. Choose a research topic:
  2. If this is your first research paper, you may encounter problems while choosing a distinguished research question. Many students have ideas for their research paper, but not a question. Do not continue without the fundamental question for your research paper. Interacting with students and discussing the research papers will help you understand better and you may be able to come up with a better research subject or a research question.

  3. Finding the research question:
  4. If you have zeroed on a research topic, the next step must be to find the correct research question. This is the most important task of all. It is the research question that will keep your progress on track. It is advised to have a basic research question in mind before starting the paper. As the paper progresses, refine your research question to meet your requirements. There are always limitations when you carry out your research, hence you should refine your research question to meet your requirements.

  5. Planning your research:
  6. You can always begin your research paper by starting off with a 'research proposal'. This proposal includes the question of the report, name of the candidate, methods of research and the limitations of the research conducted. This proposal is recommended because it guides you when you deviate from the main subject. While creating a plan to conduct your research, take into consideration your holidays as well as reserve some days for sick leave. It is advised to complete your research gradually by doing a part of it every day rather than to do it in a haste at the last moment.

  7. Staying organized:
  8. Make sure you utilize the time of your supervisor by meeting him at appointed hours and involving him in your decisions. With the help of your supervisor, use the internet or college library to collect information regarding your subject. If the data is extensive, use the help of the librarian to refine the data. Make sure to stick to your research question and not deviate from it. Based on your question, create a set of survey questions that have to be incorporated in your paper.

  9. Creating an effective summary:

In this part of the paper, never try to incorporate an additional point. This indicates lack of research. Another thing to understand is that you cannot create a perfect research paper, so highlight the questions you could not answer and state that these questions could be relevant research topics. While concluding your paper, always summarize the findings of your research in concise points.

These were the main stages that you can abide by to create a compelling report.

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