An Effective Way To Compose A Thesis Paper On Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the Flies is such an evocative novel by William Golding that it still brings disparate emotions among readers. Using children as the main characters, the book goes through few crests and several troughs and makes cataclysmic points.

Herein are 10 cute examples of thesis topics based on Lord of the Flies –

  1. Conduct an enquiry into the fight within a fight in Lord of the Flies
  2. Derive at least three differential meanings of the book and reflect on them
  3. Suggest how the book draws a tangential line across Racism
  4. Explain how Ralph ends up; as a hero, a survivor or a member beaten by his own prejudice
  5. Ascertain whether it is general human tendency to behave in the way of Ralph and Jack if placed in such situations
  6. Take us through the allegorical implications and biblical significance of Simon
  7. Enquire into the necessity of second-handers like piggy in life
  8. Analogize the characters in an island with the conflicting emotions of the island of heart
  9. Assess the messianic interpretation of the conch in Lord of the Flies
  10. Do we really need saviors when we are the kings of our domains?

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