Twenty-One Successful Dissertation Topics To Explore

No one will try to claim that writing a dissertation is easy in any way. But it can certainly be a lot more interesting and less stressful if you select a topic that is unique and engaging to both you and the reader. For this reason we thought it would be a good idea to present 21 successful dissertation topics for you to explore and consider using as your own:

  1. The influence that weather and climate changes have on global food supply.
  2. Discuss the ways that media affects sociology in communities and whether or not it’s received as positive or negative.
  3. Insects and their effect on food supplies around the world and what advanced technologies can do to prevent hunger.
  4. Language and its influence on social life in a given community.
  5. Social change in parts of Africa due to housing and health care developments.
  6. Violence and desires in same-sex relationships in first world countries.
  7. Is prisoner labor a form of forced labor and what alternatives exist to control the prisoner population.
  8. How deforestation will affect our power and fuel needs heading into the future.
  9. How does gossip news affect the way people view and accept general news stories and what can be done to bring back balance?
  10. The politics of protest songs from the 1960s compared to that of the 2000s.
  11. Music in religion and the ways it affects a community where violence and crimes are prevalent.
  12. How music award shows have changed through the years and how it affects what music is made today.
  13. The ongoing racist abuse of foreign exchanged students in the U.S., particularly those from the Middle East region.
  14. How effective work-training programs are in reducing certain kinds of crimes.
  15. Discuss the way sexting affects the wider legal and social ramifications among teenagers and young adults.
  16. Movies and celebrity and how it affects the way products are sold in today’s society.
  17. The effects and implications of allowing prisoners to vote in elections.
  18. How specific socio-economically challenged communities affect art and music.
  19. Provide an analysis of popular social media sites and their space in the public sphere.
  20. How blogging and internet commentary don’t meet the credibility validity of what is known as the public sphere.
  21. Explore how the media reports on news stories fairly (or unfairly) and what changes are needed to rebalance presentation.

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