What are the Most Important Sections of Your Dissertation?

In college, you will have to write a dissertation which is a thoroughly researched paper that will be both long and arduous. Now, do not make the mistake of confusing this project with a report or essay. That being said, you will need to employ the writing skills that you developed through those projects in completing this one. You must also have the skills of being able to convey your thoughts in a clear and concise manner while maintaining order throughout the paper. Knowing what relevant information to include is also paramount as well as having the skill to convey all of the information in an economical manner.

There are some points that are pretty basic and should be forefront in your mind if you are a beginner at this. These are relating to the research and citation, writing and bibliography of the paper.


Research is arguably the most important part of any dissertation. The type of research that is done will vary depending on the subject that you are writing about. This research may be limited to books and other media or it could include conducting experiments or interviews. It may even include things such as field work, collection of samples, observational data and even may involve reasoning from evidence or problem solving that is dependent upon mathematical methods.


The argument that you will present in your paper is a very important part. You will need an approach or maybe an analysis of this subject and also what your findings are. In other words, your paper is not one that will just offer information. It will also present your conclusions or findings that come as a result of your research.


References are also a very important part of this type of paper. If you do not properly cite your sources then you could fail the paper and face criminal charges for plagiarism. Any material that is not your own personal thoughts, observations, reasoning or findings must be cited in the proper form.

All of these are important parts of a dissertation. Without any one of these elements, your dissertation would be an utter disaster. If one of these groups of paragraphs is done incorrectly, it can also be disastrous to the outcome of the paper. The best thing to do is to take your time and make sure that you do every single thing you can to ensure that your dissertation contains everything it needs.

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