A Thesis vs a Dissertation: How Not to Get Confused and Write a Good Paper

Writing a thesis can be a tough job. Similar is the case with a dissertation. Both of these assignments are the toughest among academic course of a student. A thesis is a project in which the student has to carry out his own new research on a certain area. He needs to develop a hypothesis, find supporting evidence, get relevant data, organize his ideas into a logical order, and conclude the paper in a firm and clear way. A dissertation, on the other hand, is about, collecting already existing research material and use it in our own way. The student needs to gather the relevant published material and look at it in a unique way. The person also needs to give a new conclusion and direction to this paper to make it unique. In most of the institutes, a thesis is written for advanced level degree, while the dissertation is written in start of a professional degree. However, the difference between a dissertation and thesis depends upon the location you reside in. In United States, the doctorate degree needs a dissertation while in UK it is the opposite. In china, both the terms are used alternatively for advanced level research project. Different regions have different specifications for both kinds of projects.

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